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How it works

Stop Mail helps families and friends to locate services and to cancel unsolicited mail following a loss.

The Stop Mail service enters the details into a secure data bank. Any company wishing to send direct mail details of their products and services can check their mailing list against the information held on The Bereavement Register.

If the direct mail companies find any matches, they will remove the deceaseds details and stop sending them marketing communications. They are obliged to do this by law.

How our service provided free of charge

Stop Mail is provided by the Bereavement Support Network.

One of Stop Mails key resources to help manage this process is the trusted relationships built up over 30 years with many large organisations that the BSN has in place. These services understand how upsetting receiving unwanted mail after a death can be, and work with us to reduce this happening.

They subscribe to our services to enable us to do this and on your behalf and therefore at no cost to you, the Stop Mail service is a quick and efficient way of dealing with unwanted mail, at a time when immediate family and friends have many other calls on their time.

The Freephone service is operated by Trust Inheritance Ltd and completely confidential. They will guide you through the next steps and provide free advice to you, on a range of legal and financial matters if required.

Call the dedicated team on:

0808 168 9607

Health Care Providers

The Stop Mail service is provided to you and the bereaved at no cost.

It is currently used throughout the UK in Hospitals, Hospices, Registration Services, Crematoria, Funeral Homes and many by healthcare providers in supporting the recently bereaved.

This service covers England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are no postage or packaging charges for you to receive a supply for your organisation and most orders are dispatched the same working day. Should you have any queries and wish to learn more, please follow the next steps.

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Our FREE service will help stop unwanted direct mail being sent to the deceased

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